Rockstar hair salon in draper...never going back!

Roy, Utah 3 comments
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I have been to this salon twice now, the first time was...well...

okay. My hair looked alright, and the stylist seazen was pretty nice. I went again just the other day, and asked for my layers to be TRIMMED and a color. the color is gorgeous.

but, the girl who cut it this time(I cant remember her name, but she has a hot pink Mohawk) CHOPPED my layers short. I have collarbone length hair, and short tiny layers. I also have a short layer by each of my ears, little sideburns!!!! NO blending what so ever...

I am the new Billy Ray Cyrus. I cried when i got home, and now i must cut my hair short to look normal again. Not to mention she was not the most gentle. when she would tug or pull my hair and Id kinda whimper, instead of saying I'm sorry like a professional, she would say "oh you are fine.

" what a brat.10 months of working to grow out my hair ruined by some new beauty school grad with major attitude and hot pink hair.

awesome.Will never ever return!

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Sandy, Utah, United States #754015

I Love my cut & color!

Thank you Bailee!

Sherry Titze

South Jordan, Utah, United States #592176

I have gone to rock star hair for 2 years-Bailee is my sister, daughters and nieces also get their hair done here.The salon can be edgy if u want that but can also be as normal as you want.

That's why I love it! Not only has Bailee always left me happy but they never talk me out of what I want. It's a comfortable atmosphere with super nice people and I can't imagine anyone (I've met all the stylists) telling a client "you're fine" I do not believe that.

I highly recommend this salon.And Bailee is top notch, good price and you can get in when u want!!


How old are you that you would whimper just because your hair got tugged a little bit while being worked on.I wouldn't expect a whole lot of normal hair style from a place named Rockstar.

However, from what you described you regular hairstyle, it sounds like something a Rockstar would do.You know you could have asked for an appointment with the stylist you had before.

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